How to change the administrator password in Windows Server

On this guide we'll go through the process of changing the password of a Windows Server account when we're logged on via RDP, if you have an Owned-Networks Cloud VPS running Windows Server and have been locked of your server you can recover the administrator password from the VPS control panel; this guide assumes you're able to log into the server.

Assuming you're already logged on via RDP you should press on your keyboard's windows key  (or command key if you're on a mac) and then click on "Administrative Tools":


Then click on computer management:

Then we expand "Local Users and Groups" then click on "Users", we'll then see the user accounts:


We should right click on the desired account and then click on "Set password":

We click on proceed:

Then we type the desired password twice:

We can now click on ok and the password change will be complete:

That's it! next time you log in via RDP make sure to use the recently set password as the previous one will no longer work.


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