How to Upgrade from Ubuntu 16.10 Server to Ubuntu 18.04 Server

To upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 from the terminal (especially on servers), install the update-manager-core package if it is not already installed.

$ sudo apt install update-manager-core

Then ensure that the prompt option in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is set to normal as shown in the screenshot below.

Configure Release Upgrade Options

Configure Release Upgrade Options

Afterwards, launch the upgrade tool with the command below:

$ sudo do-release-upgrade

Perform Release Upgrade

From the screenshot below, enter y to continue with the upgrade process (Or view all packages to be installed by entering d). And follow the on-screen instructions.

Ubuntu Upgrade Process

Ubuntu Upgrade Process

Wait for the upgrade process to complete and you will be prompted to reboot


once it's back up you may login into Ubuntu 18.04.

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